VACCINATION: Age 6 – 8 weeks
Age 10 – 12 weeks
Age 14 – 16 weeks
Then Annually

F3 – Vaccinates against Feline Enteritis, Feline Respiratory Disease and Calicivirus.
F4 – F3 plus Chlamydia
F5 – F4 plus Feline Leukemaia Virus
We also advise any outdoor cats to be vaccinated against FIV (Feline Aids).
F3/FIV (8 weeks)
WORMING PREVENTION: Worm every 2 weeks until 3 months of age, monthly until 6months of age. Then every 3 months, for life.
Regularly worming your cat stops the infestation of intestinal worms such as Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm. We recommend that you use products such as Milbemax, Popantel Allwormer or Profender topspot.
HEARTWORM PREVENTION: Monthly treatment such as Revolution or Advocate
DESEXING: 5 – 6 Months of age for male and females.
TEETH: Annual check up at vaccination time.

Dry kitten food should be fed until 12months of age.
The dry diet must be complete and balanced to ensure adequate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals to sustain growth and maintenance. We recommend Hills Science Diet or Royal Canin. Do not feed your pet cooked bones.

FLEA & TICK: Fleas - We recommend Comfortis or Advantage spot-ons applied monthly.
Ticks – We recommend Bravecto Spot-on for cats covers fleas and paralysis ticks for 3 months.

A safe and simple way to identify your pet if they get lost. It is a compulsory requirement that all new animals over 8 weeks of age are microchipped.
Keeping your contact details updated when you move house is very important when your dog is lost. Details can be updated at

COUNCIL REGISTRATION: Most councils require all new animals over 3 months of age to be registered.
Please contact the relevant council in your area for more details.